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The Woman

Stacia Suttles was born on October, 4 1994 and raised in The Bronx, NY. She's the youngest of 3 children and well known in her family as the peacemaker. She loves to see both sides and strongly dislikes conflict, but with maturity she understands conflict is normal, it's how conflict is handled that matters most. Stacia loves to reflect and over the past few years, has really honed in on her personal journey. She cares much less about ego and more about being the best version of herself on a daily basis, by her own standards and without judgement. 

The Athlete

Stacia has been an athlete her entire life. She began skateboarding and karate at around 4 years old and has continued throughout her life. She's played basketball, softball, tennis, and at the age of 19, she began boxing. Within 1 year of training, Stacia's love and dedication for boxing grew. She loved the workout and the discipline she gained. She's led a great amateur career thus far, being a 2x NYC Golden Gloves Champion, 2016 National Golden Gloves Silver medalist, 2016 USA National Champion, 2x International medalist, and 3x Team USA Boxer. In 2019, Stacia qualified for and competed in the 2020 Olympic Team Trials where she came up short at her attempt to represent USA in Tokyo.

The Coach

Stacia has a passion for helping people and sharing knowledge. She began teaching as a junior instructor in tae-kwon-do, at 13 years old. Years later, her journey in boxing allowed her the opportunity to teach again at Women's World of Boxing. Since April 2019, Stacia has taught boxing and overall fitness to hundreds of people via seminars, classes, privates, and camp/school programs. Since 2021, Stacia has spent a lot of time building Suttles Boxing Academy. Suttles Boxing Academy helps students to develop both athletically and personally through martial arts and social-emotional learning

The Business

Since 12 years old, Stacia's had a knack for videography and marketing. That love and experience combined with Stacia's athletic abilities and potential has allowed her the opportunity to work with brands in many different aspects. As an athlete she is currently sponsored by MyProteinImpact Mouthguards, Quiet Punch, and Eat Clean Bro. Through building her own brand she has partnered with over a dozen brands and companies; and as a model she has worked with many companies including Lululemon, Under Armour, BoxRaw and more. 

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